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Earth's Oceans

Join Rich as he travels to the pacific ocean and teaches us about the oceans that we know today and about the oceans that existed a long time ago. Doc will also teach us about math and the Fibonacci sequence...

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Have you ever seen the stars through a telescope? Well, Rich will show you through his telescope what the start and planets look like. He’ll teach us about space and how enormous it is. We will...

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Did you know that there are trees that are thousands of years old and hundreds of feet high? Well Rich is exploring plants in this episode and he will take you to California where you will see these...

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Richard Aguilera

Rich Aguilera

One Mustard Seed

After working as an architect for 15 years, Rich was impressed to work for God full time. A series of events led to the clear indication that this was the direction God was calling him to.

After traveling, exploring and presenting in 69 countries and 49 states, Rich is still at it. His live presentations are one of a kind and his new 18 feet tall x 28 foot wide screen amazes and keeps audiences on the edge of their seat with his creative, interactive presentation style.

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