April 18-19, 2014

ASI Chapter Convention - Lake Union

Grand Rapids, MI

May 2-4, 2014

SE Mexican Union Event

Cancun, Mexico (Spanish)

May 10, 2014

Kettering SDA Church

Kettering, OH

May 30-31, 2014

Southern New England Adventures

S. Lancaster, MA

June 15-21, 2014

Juniors Summer Camp, Camp Au Sable

Grayling, MI

June 28, 2014

Ontario Conference of SDA

Juniors Campmeeting

Ontario, Canada

July 18-20, 2014

Multiple events

Puerto Rico (Spanish)

August 11-16, 2014

International Pathfinder Camporee

Oshkosh, WI (English/Spanish)

August 29-30, 2014

Regional Conference Campmeeting

Cassopolis, MI (Spanish)

September 5-6-7, 2014

Multiple events-Michigan

Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Detroit

September 18-20, 2014

Multiple events


October 10-12, 2014

Greater NY Conference Event

New York

October 17-19, 2014

Adventurers Camporee

Texas Conference

October 21-November 1, 2014

10-City Creation Tour

Austria, Europe

November 14-16, 2014

Adventurers Camporee

Kentucky Tennessee Conference

January 16-17-18, 2015

Multiple events-Florida

Jacksonville, Ft. Myers, Miami

January 23-23-25, 2015

Multiple events-Florida

Tampa, Avon Park, Orlando

Event Calendar

• We teach the literal Bible “young earth creation”.

• All the content is “non-doctrinal”, teaching only straight Biblical content and Creation science evidences.

• We teach that the evidence for evolution is filled with serious problems that don’t hold up to logic or scientific scrutiny.

• We teach and show how more faith is required to believe in evolution than Creation.

• We teach how nature and science point to a Creator and intelligent design.

• We teach how the physical evidence on our planet points to a recent catastrophic past: The world-wide evidence that a flood dramatically altered our planet.

• We study scientific evidence exposing the serious problems that comes with believing the planet has been evolving for millions of years.

• We teach that dinosaurs did not live millions of years ago. We show evidence that these large reptiles lived and died only recently in the last few thousand years, not millions.

• We teach that the Bible is God's authority and cannot be compromised to please scientists' interpretations.

• We teach that we worship a loving, living Creator who made us in His own image.

• We teach how theistic evolution is not a Biblical concept.

• We teach how the belief in Creation is the foundation for our belief in Jesus Christ.

What We Teach

“LIVE! and Muddy,” [Rich's] apologetics ministry reaches out to young people and families on creation vs. evolution. He also produces videos and writes articles on biblical apologetics."

Ken Ham, KY

Answers in Genesis/Creation Museum

“What can I say except a great big THANK YOU for...ministering to our kids in both services this past Creation Celebration Sabbath. Your presentation was perfect for the occasion, and I noted that all of us adults were as drawn into those video clips as the children were!”

Dwight Nelson, Pastor, PMC

“I feel like I've had an epiphany to the truth! I laugh because we were told by the pastor that this series was geared towards children. Well, it was eye-opening for adults too! When I saw the flyer at the school about your talks, I decided to go. I am so glad I did! I have always questioned my faith...up until now. You have made it all so clear and simple for me. I've gone to sermons at many different churches, and you have been the only person that could convince me that the Bible is true. Being a nurse, I like to have evidence to prove things. You have shown me the Bible is that evidence! You also had scientific proof of things that disprove the theory of evolution....which helped me believe in creation. I was taught evolution in public schools, and I'm glad I didn't pay much attention to it...however I guess it's been stuck in my mind because I've had so much doubt about creation...until now! My mind is more at ease about the Bible, creation and evolution. Your ministry is very important! Thank you for your presentations...and know that they are helping children as well as adults!!”

Kim A., Concord CA

"Rich has the ability and gift of making the complex issues simple and easy to understand."

Richardson, TX

"LIVE! and Muddy was a very eye-opening experience. I heard many members telling me how they were amazed about the information that they were hearing. I had promoted this event as an outreach for children and the children loved it, but the adults were as inspired as the children were. Definitely something for the whole church and community to hear.”

Pedro Trinidad, Pastor, Concord, CA

"I especially liked the interactive nature of Richard's presentations. It made everything come to life. I have never seen our children sit so attentive to a presentation that was equally appealing to adults. We were all strengthen in our faith, learned a lot and were entertained along the way."

Dallas, TX

“Can he come again?"

Gabriel, Age 9

“It was great to see that after the presentation many of the youth were interested in pursuing studies that would farther their knowledge on the subjects that were presented during the weekend. Their faith was strengthen, their wrong beliefs were challenged, and their interest in learning the truth was awakened.”

Ricardo Palacios, Pastor, Richardson, TX

“The talks you gave were engaging and fascinating. It seemed that everyone from first year Pathfinders to seasoned veteran leaders were drawn in and captivated by the way you presented your material. I truly believe there are young people in Indiana now that will NEVER be tempted to believe the evolution lie as a direct result of your work. The opportunity to work with you was uplifting: The friendliness that you and your family showed during the weekend, the willingness to join in and be part of the activities and your kindness in dealing with the young people, all tell me that you truly understand ministry as service.

Keith A Hannah Jr., IN Conference Area Pathfinder Coordinator

“I thought the Mud Guy was really good and explained the truth of creation.”

Joshua, Age 14

“Saturday morning, Rich talked to my church about how evolution contrasts with intelligent design. I learned about how they (aka the evolution believers) don't want to accept intelligent design and how the stuff they put in their books is out dated but they still leave it there. He also brought cool stuff for kids to see like petrified wood, fossils, a tooth of a spinosaurus, and 3D glasses for a little surprise. In fact when it was over all the kids rushed to touch the fossils, so it was pretty cool. Even the adults were into it. In the end he told us that God made all those animals special, imagine how special we are. I LUV IT. It was a nice experience for everyone to learn about nature and God. Isn’t it great that God made us so special!!!!”

Rosy, Florida, Age 13

"Rich Aguilera's creativity and strong content always seem to combine in a way that hooks and keeps kids' interest. We're pleased that Rich's engaging twist on God's creation appears regularly in Guide magazine and on our website. If ever kids needed to hear a strong affirmation of Biblical creation, it's during this age of evolutionary propaganda that is so easily laid down as fact."

Randy Fishell, Editor, Guide and Real magazines

“It was a refreshing and a learning experience to hear Richard Aguilera. His creative approach to science, nature and God was very much liked by the young and old in our congregation. Every church will benefit from having the 'Mud Guy' come and visit."

Ruber J. Leal, Pastor, San Antonio, TX


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LIVE! and Muddy is an exciting event that deals with those tough subjects kids and adults are often confused about, Creation, evolution, the Flood, dinosaurs, the Ice Age and more.

These are not ordinary speaking events, these are high energy, visual talks that utilize a huge screen, props, illustrations, audience interaction, photos/video/sounds, smoke machines, 3D elements, costumes, and many other surprises!

Rich Aguilera is a nature columnist for various publications including Guide Magazine, a magazine for young people. Even though the talks are designed to connect with young people, countless testimonies will prove that this is a unique event for people of all ages!

Events can be organized for a variety of settings such as weekend conferences and seminars, city-wide events, camporees, evangelism, special weekends, campmeetings, youth rallys, summer camps, schools, and more! Events can be customized to reach a particular demographic and age group and can be presented to English and Spanish speaking audiences.

Invite Rich to your next event and help people young and old experience a unique and memorable way to discover God the Creator and Biblical truths through nature and science. For bookings, please contact Rich through our "Contact" page.



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